Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

Solving Moisture Problems Before They Arise - Why Your Business Needs An Industrial Air Dryer

by Ethan Mccoy

With a high quality, industrial air compressor you can run a commercial workshop all day without pause. Although air compressors are vital and necessary for running the tools that make your business viable, they can cause condensation to build up. Whether you work in a well ventilated workshop area or don't have consistent access to regular air flow, a commercial air dryer can prevent moisture issues from becoming a costly nuisance.

Commercial Air Dryers - Protecting Your Health

Operating in a workshop area that is humid is not a health risk by itself, but when you add dust, dander, and other free particles, it won't be long before you are breathing in more than just air. Moisture also helps organisms to grow, so bacteria and mold spores have a better chance of spreading in your work area if things are not kept dry. When mold and bacteria is in abundance, simply breathing the air in the same area can be a major danger.

Industrial air dryers keep air moving and work to keep the air cool and dry. You can help to promote safer work conditions in your workshop with the addition of a commercial air drying unit. Rent one out and see how much the air quality in your place of business can be improved. 

Avoiding Commercial Property Damage

Water leaks are usually easy to notice, and damaged roofs generally become apparent after a substantial rainfall. When it comes to condensation inside of a building, excess moisture can be overlooked. If there is water collecting in the walls, floors, or ceilings of your business, you won't know if there is a structural damage issue.

Running an industrial air dryer for just a few hours can dry out an entire building. You can turn on your commercial air drying machines at night to rid your workshop of excess moisture, then turn them off when it is time to work again. Using an air dryer regularly in a commercial work area can even help to resolve moisture issues that you weren't aware existed.

If heavy duty air compressors are used by your company regularly, condensation is going to occur. While this may not be a reason for concern when the air is warmer, cold weather can encourage water to collect quickly and in very inconvenient places. Have your business inspected by a professional so that you can be made aware of condensation issues, then use an industrial air dryer to dry out all work spaces from top to bottom.

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