Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

The Best Storage Solutions For Small Tools, Parts, And Pieces In Your Small Shop Space

by Ethan Mccoy

The small shop space you have needs to be organized in a way that allows you to work comfortably and safely, as well as have storage space. There are many small pieces and components, such as bits, special tools and sockets that you use for work. With a good shop design that includes storage, you will be able to organize your shop and know where all the bits and tools are for your equipment. Here are some great storage design ideas to make the most out of small shop spaces:

1. French-Cleat Storage for Tools and Components You Use Most Often

French-cleat storage systems are a great solution for shops. They are a type of rack system that allows you to easily place tools and components you use most within reach. The good thing about French-cleat storage solutions is that they can be changed and adapted according to your needs. If you have new tools that you want to hang, move the cleats around to adjust the storage to your needs.

2. Custom Drawers for Routers, Workbenches and Other Shop Equipment

Drawers for toolboxes can be full of all sorts of clutter. The parts and pieces in toolboxes are usually things you use least often. If you want to have easy access to the bits and small components of your equipment, custom storage drawers can be a good solution. You can use drawers for areas like router tables, workbenches and equipment that has voids where these custom features can easily be added.

3. Organizers for Drawers That Store Router Bits and Cutting Tools

Organizers are another great way to improve storage solutions in your shop space. The organizers can be added to drawers to prevent losing small components. This is a good solution for equipment like routers, which have a lot of small bits and fittings that are small and easily lost. Organizers will also prevent the problem of digging through clutter in toolboxes and drawers in your shop. There are organizers that you can buy already made, or you can make your own custom organizers from foam to adapt the drawers to the specific needs in your shop.

With good storage solutions for your shop, you will prevent losing parts, tools and important components for your equipment. If you need bits for your equipment, contact a supply company like Sharp Tech Inc. to get the components you need for your cutting tools.


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Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

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