Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

Three Tips For Purchasing An Air Compressor To Use With A Pneumatic Nail Gun

by Ethan Mccoy

When you start working in construction, you will quickly learn that a nail gun makes work get completed in less time than when you use a traditional hammer and nail. Time is of the essence when it comes to construction, and having a pneumatic nail gun will make building just about anything easier. In order to operate a pneumatic nail gun, you need to have an air compressor. If you have never purchased an air compressor before, use the guide that follows to learn what things to look for when choosing the right compressor for you.

Consider the Portability of the Air Compressor

When you are working on a job site, you will need to haul the compressor around from place to place. Choose a compressor that has wheels or that is small enough for you to carry it by hand with ease. You need to also consider how much space you will have available in your tool trailer to store the compressor. You do not want to invest in something that takes up too much space in your tool trailer. You may want to take measurements within the trailer before going to purchase the compressor to ensure that you invest in one that is the right size.

Consider the Cubic Feet per Minute the Compressor Can Produce

Look closely at the manual that came with your pneumatic nail gun. You should see a listing for the cubic feet per minute, or CFM, that is needed to operate the gun. When you go to buy the compressor, you need to search for one that is able to create the CFM that the nail gun needs in order to operate efficiently. If you purchase a compressor that cannot produce the appropriate CFM, the nails may not go into the wood as well as you intended them to.

Consider How the Compressor Is Powered

You need to be sure that you will be able to supply power to the compressor at all times. There are some compressors that are powered by gas and some that are powered by electricity. If you know you will be working at job sites that do not have electricity available from time to time, choosing a gas-powered compressor may be your best option.

After purchasing the compressor, it is important to read the manual that comes with it carefully before attempting to use it. You want to be sure that you know how to hook up the nail gun properly so that the nails can be shot out of the gun as efficiently as possible. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like


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Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

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