Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

Creative Reasons You Should Keep Those Extra Rubber Grommets Around The House

by Ethan Mccoy

They are included with automotive parts and accessories, some toys, and even when you invest in household fixtures, but most people never pay them any mind at all. Rubber grommets are some purposeful little supplies for a lot of reasons and used in an array of industrial applications, but they are actually pretty useful in odd ways around the house just the same. Before you toss those extra rubber grommets you found in the trash, check out these creative ways they could be put to good use at home. 

Add shock absorbers to the backside of cabinet doors. Most modern cabinet doors have small pads on the inside of the doors or tension in the hinges to prevent them from slamming shut with a snap. However, if your cabinet doors do not have either of these, you can resolve the issue of noisy cabinet doors by using glue to tack a small rubber grommet to the inside of the door at the corner or on each corner. 

Apply to the base of ceramics for protection and stability. Delicate ceramic bowls, figurines, and what-nots often get scuffed and scratched along the base as they are moved around on tabletops, the mantel, or other spots in the house. Adding a few small rubber grommets to the underside of the ceramic item is just enough protection to hold the piece off of hard surfaces. 

Secure a broken pair of flip flops. This one may sound kind of odd, but you can actually repair a broken pair of flip flop sandals quickly with a rubber grommet of the right size. Often times, the flip flops don't really break, but the small hole in the sole that holds the straps stretches too wide to hold the button at the base secure. Slip a rubber grommet over the button on the bottom of the straps and it will prevent the piece from slipping through. 

Prevent pesky black marks from certain sneakers. Everyone has that one pair of shoes that leaves those black skid marks on linoleum, vinyl, or tiled floors. This happens when the edge of the shoe scuffs across just so to leave behind a mark. If you have a few tiny rubber grommets, attach them to the soles of the shoes to raise them slightly up off the ground. This can prevent those black marks from being an issue again. 

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