Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

Spare Parts And Supplies You Should Always Have On-Hand In Your Warehouse

by Ethan Mccoy

Keeping a warehouse in efficient working order means you need to be prepared for any and all needs or emergencies regarding your equipment. Forklifts, skid steers, and even miniature carts used daily in your operations can suddenly fail, either due to mechanical issues or user error. Conveyor belts used in transporting goods from the truck to the warehouse (or vice versa) can seize, halting operations and putting everything in disarray. Here are the spare parts and supplies you need to always have on-hand just in case something goes wrong with your machinery.

Belts, industrial lights, and a generator

Belts for conveyor belts and other machinery should be kept ready in case one wears out or snaps. It's also a good idea to keep industrial bolts, washers, pulleys, wire, and other small, replaceable items just in case something breaks that could cause a machine to have to shut down. Industrial lighting and light bulbs should be kept in an emergency parts closet to always keep your warehouse illuminated. These lights can be the straight tubular bulbs or heat-style lamps to project ample lighting. A generator should be on standby ready to go in the event of a power outage or damage to your building. Make sure a generator is inspected for safety a few times a year so it is guaranteed to work when you need it for emergency use.

Safety clothing and supplies

Workplace accidents are an unfortunate occurrence, and not being prepared to take care of employees if they get hurt can be disastrous. Have a defibrillator on hand in the event of a heart attack among someone in the workplace, and make sure everyone knows where the unit is and how to operate it. A first aid kit with blankets, a portable stretcher, and even a suture kit should be placed in a closet where everyone has access. Make sure you have extra safety harnesses, gloves, hats, and goggles for when you need to call in extra employees during busy seasons or for someone to use if theirs breaks or goes missing.

The best way to run a warehouse is to make sure that everything is in great working condition all times of the year. While you cannot entirely prevent accidents or workplace injury, you can be prepared to handle nearly any emergency situation by having the right tools and spare parts at the ready. The more prepared you are to handle various unpredictable conditions, the more safe and productive your warehouse can be. For more information, contact a company like Get Spares, LLC.


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Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

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