Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

Your Company's Three Choices For Renting Industrial Boilers

by Ethan Mccoy

If your company's boiler has a mechanical problem with a potentially long lag time before it can be repaired, then you can rent an industrial boiler to use while you wait for the repair to be completed. An industrial rental boiler will allow your plant to keep running while waiting for the parts and repair of your existing machinery. This will lessen your downtime and allow your plant to stay up and running.

If you have never rented an industrial boiler before now, then you will be pleased to learn there are three options you can choose from. Each option is listed below with a short description to help you decide which is best for your business's unique needs: 

Trailer-Mounted Industrial Boilers

As the name implies, a trailer-mounted industrial boiler is one that is permanently mounted on a trailer. Since this type of boiler is housed in a mobile trailer, it can easily be pulled to your location and parked wherever you desire. The boiler won't need to be unloaded and is ready to use as soon as you connect it to your plant's existing hardware. Trailer-mounted boilers are the fastest option to set up and tear down, making them the best option if lessening downtime is vital for your plant. However, trailer mounted boilers are not idea for higher pressure or dual-voltage applications.

Skid-Mounted Industrial Boilers

If your plant does not have adequate exterior parking space to accommodate a large trailer-mounted boiler, then a skid-mounted boiler may be a better option. As the name implies, a skid-mounted boiler is permanently mounted on metal rails called skids. This type of boiler can be slid into place using heavy equipment and has a much smaller footprint than its trailer-mounted relatives.

Skid-mounted boilers are able to deliver your plant higher pressures than trailer-mounted models and are less expensive to rent than mobile boiler rooms.

Mobile Boiler Rooms

If your plant needs high-pressure, high-temperature, and dual voltage out of its rented industrial boiler, then you will need to rent a mobile boiler room. Mobile boiler rooms are self-contained units that are easy to move from one job site to another, and they contain specialized equipment for higher temperature and higher pressure applications. In addition, this type of alternative boiler solution also offers dual voltage if your plant's machinery requires it.

Renting Your Boiler 

Finally, once you have decided to rent a boiler to keep your plant running during your regular boiler's repairs, you should reach out to a rental company to discuss the options they have available in your area and their associated costs.


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