Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

Construction Conundrums: Resources For Industrial Construction Contractors

Why Hawaiians Should Consider Rebuilding With Tungsten

by Ethan Mccoy

Living in beautiful, tropical Hawaii certainly is akin to living in Paradise. However, if you live in this state, you may have to contend with volcanic activity, such as that that has recently occurred on the island of Hawaii. At best, your home there is unaffected, save but the smell of charred and burning earth wafting on the island breezes. At worst, you have probably lost your home and everything in it. When you are finally able to return to the location where your home once stood, and you want to rebuild, here is a novel idea: rebuild with tungsten. Here is why you should seriously consider this idea and tungsten as your building material of choice.

Lava Flows Are No Match for Tungsten

Lava, even at its absolute hottest, is only a little over two thousand degrees. That might seem pretty hot until you compare it to the melting point of tungsten. Tungsten cannot be damaged or melted until it is blasted with heat over six thousand degrees! If you were to rebuild a house and made or paneled the entire exterior of your home with tungsten, your home could easily withstand and survive the next volcanic eruption and lava flows.

It Takes a Tungsten Drill Bit to Drill Tungsten

Like diamonds, it takes a drill bit of the same material to drill diamonds or tungsten. You will utterly bust and destroy any drill bits or work tools that are not made of tungsten when you are working with tungsten. Yes, it may cost quite a bit more to build a home covered in or made from tungsten, but you would have a home that is virtually indestructible once it is fully constructed.

Tungsten Cannot Rust or Corrode

Even after you have chosen to rebuild with tungsten, this metal keeps on giving. You may be concerned about a "metal" house in a very wet, very humid, and very tropical state, right? Forget it; tungsten can neither rust nor corrode. It remains a nice, clean, shiny house for an eternity (or until a nuclear bomb hits it, but that is unlikely).

Humans Adapt to Dangerous Environments

Humans live in some of the most dangerous places in the world. Why? Because more often than not, humans have learned to adapt to the dangers in their surroundings. Californians learned to build earthquake-resistant abodes and buildings, right? Well, tungsten is the answer to living near and around volcanoes. It is the adaptive metal needed and necessary to survive volcanic regions and activity.

For more information, contact your local tungsten supplier.


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